How to Withdraw SRD Social Grants Without SASSA Card

SASSA grants are a lifeline for many South Africans, providing vital financial support to meet basic needs and improve their quality of life. But what happens if your SASSA card is lost, stolen, damaged, or stuck waiting for a replacement? This can cause unnecessary stress and worry about accessing your grant.

Fortunately, alternative methods exist for withdrawing your SASSA grant payments even without your card. In this blog, we’ll explore alternative methods for withdrawing SASSA grants without a card, offering solutions for beneficiaries facing such circumstances.

Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card

Understanding Your SASSA Card

The SASSA card is a secure and convenient way to access your SASSA grants. It functions similarly to a debit card, allowing you to withdraw your grant funds in many ways like ATM withdrawals. While the SASSA card offers a convenient way to access your grant, situations can arise where you might need to withdraw funds without it. Here are some common scenarios:

  • Lost or Stolen Card: Unfortunately, cards can be misplaced, stolen, or even damaged. In such cases, accessing your grant through your card becomes impossible until a replacement arrives.
  • Damaged Card: A damaged card with a faulty chip or malfunctioning magnetic strip can also render ATM withdrawals or in-store purchases impossible.
  • Waiting for Replacement Card: The process of obtaining a replacement SASSA card can take some time. During this waiting period, alternative withdrawal methods become crucial to ensure you can still access your grant.
  • Unfamiliarity with SASSA Card: For new SASSA grant recipients, there might be a period of initial unfamiliarity with using the SASSA card. Understanding how to withdraw funds or make purchases with the card might take some time, and alternative methods can be helpful during this initial period.

Methods to Withdraw Money Without an SASSA Card

Beneficiaries can withdraw their SASSA grant payments without the need for a physical SASSA card via below methods:

1. Withdrawal Via SASSA Cash Send Services (ABSA, FNB & Standard Bank)

    SASSA has partnered with major banks like ABSA, FNB, and Standard Bank to offer Cash Send services, allowing beneficiaries to withdraw their grant money without an SASSA card. The process is:

    • Locate a participating ABSA, FNB, or Standard Bank branch.
    • Provide your SASSA grant reference number to the bank teller.
    • The bank teller will process the Cash Send transaction by verification.
    • After this, you can collect your grant money in cash from the bank teller.

    2. SASSA R350 Cardless Cash Withdrawal (SASSA OTP Withdrawal)

      SASSA introduced the R350 Cardless Cash Withdrawal option, enabling beneficiaries to withdraw their grant payments without a physical SASSA card. Beneficiaries receive a unique One-Time PIN (OTP) via SMS from SASSA, which they can use to withdraw funds from participating ATMs without needing a card. The process is:

      • Visit a participating ATM that provides cash without using a SASSA card.
      • Select the option for cardless cash withdrawal on the ATM screen.
      • Enter the OTP received via SMS when prompted by the ATM.
      • Select the desired withdrawal amount and confirm the transaction.
      • Collect your cash from the ATM.

      3. Get Payment Directly in Your Personal Bank Account

        Beneficiaries can also opt to receive their SASSA grant payouts directly into their personal bank accounts. The process is:

        • Ensure that you have a personal bank account in your name.
        • You can provide your bank account details to SASSA either during your initial application process or by updating your information through the SASSA web portal.
        • To update your banking details, log in to the SASSA using your credentials. 
        • Look for updating personal information or banking details section and click on it.
        • Enter your new bank account details accurately and submit the changes.
        • SASSA will process your grant payment and deposit the funds directly into your bank account.
        • Once the funds are deposited into your bank account, you can withdraw cash from ATMs or make purchases using your linked debit card.

        4. Post Office Cash Payouts

          The South African Post Office (SAPO) also serves as an alternative withdrawal point for SASSA beneficiaries who can’t access their cards. The process is:

          • Locate your nearest SAPO branch during operating hours.
          • Meet a SAPO representative and provide a valid South African ID document (original, not a copy), reference number, or confirmation SMS received from SASSA.
          • Once the SAPO teller verifies your details, they’ll process your grant withdrawal and provide you with the cash.
          Withdraw Money Without SASSA Card

          Important Precautions

          Withdrawing your SASSA grant payout without your card requires some additional security measures. Here are some important precautions to follow:

          Protect Your Personal Information

          Be cautious when sharing personal details, such as your ID number, grant reference number, or banking information, especially in public spaces or over the phone. Avoid disclosing sensitive information to unauthorized individuals or entities to prevent identity theft or fraud.

          Use Secure Channels

          When conducting transactions or communicating with SASSA or banking institutions, ensure that you’re using secure channels. Verify the legitimacy of websites, apps, or phone numbers before providing any information or initiating transactions to avoid falling victim to phishing scams or fraudulent activities.

          Keep PINs Confidential

          If you receive a One-Time PIN (OTP) for cardless cash withdrawals or other transactions, ensure that you keep it confidential and don’t share it with anyone. Also, memorize your PIN to prevent unauthorized access to your funds.

          Be Aware of Surroundings

          Be conscious of your surroundings at all times when using an ATM or making a transaction in a public location. Be cautious of individuals who may be observing or attempting to interfere with your transaction at ATMs located in low-traffic areas.

          Verify Transactions

          Always review transaction details carefully before confirming any withdrawals or payments. Check the amount being withdrawn and any other details to ensure accuracy. Report any discrepancies or unauthorized transactions to SASSA or your bank immediately.

          Report Lost or Stolen Cards Promptly

          If your SASSA card is lost or stolen, report it to SASSA or your bank as soon as possible to prevent unauthorized access to your funds. Request a replacement card and take necessary precautions to mitigate potential risks.


          In short, even without your SASSA card, accessing your grant is possible. This blog explored alternative withdrawal methods like Post Office cash payouts and, in some cases, retail cash payouts. Remember to confirm your eligibility with SASSA and prioritize safety when withdrawing funds. For the latest information on SASSA payment methods, eligibility criteria, or any questions you might have, visit here or contact them through their toll-free number 0800 601 011.

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