How to Update Your Contact Details with SASSA R350 Grants

Keeping updated contact details with SASSA R350 grants is important for ensuring the smooth and timely receipt of your grants. It contains your address, phone number, and banking details. Delays, disruptions, or even missed payments can occur due to outdated information.

Here, we’ll look at the process of updating your information, ensuring you remain compliant and receive your benefits on time. Also, we’ll discuss different scenarios where updates are necessary, the available methods for making those changes, and the required documents.

Update Your Contact Details with SASSA

Understanding When to Update Personal Details

SASSA is responsible for administering social grants to qualifying South Africans, including the elderly, disabled, and children in need. As a beneficiary, there are some situations where updating your SASSA details for R350 becomes necessary. For example, if you’ve moved to a new residence, updating your address ensures proper communication regarding your grant and avoids delays in receiving your grant.

Keeping your phone number updated allows SASSA to reach you for important updates or clarifications related to your application. If you’ve switched banks or changed your account details, update your banking information to avoid any issues. You also have to update your details if your marital status or any other relevant personal data changes.

Why It’s Important Update Your Contact Details with SASSA?

SASSA requires beneficiaries to keep their personal details up-to-date. Having accurate personal details with SASSA ensures that your social grant payments are made correctly on time. Outdated or incorrect information can cause unnecessary stress and financial strain. If SASSA has the most current information, it is also easier to detect and prevent fraudulent activities related to your account.

Gather Necessary Documentation

Before updating your SASSA contact details, make sure you have the required documents ready. This typically includes:

  • Your South African ID card
  • Proof of residence
  • Banking details if you’re updating your payment method
  • Any other relevant documents
Update Your Contact Details with SASSA

Steps to Change Your Contact Details with SASSA

You can update your SASSA contact details in 3 ways:

1. Online Update

    This convenient method saves you time when visiting the SASSA office. Here’s how to update your details online:

    • Visit the official SASSA website.
    • Select South African ID Holders or Asylum Seekers according to your preferences.
    • Enter your details like ID number and phone number.
    • Look for the “How to update your personal details” option.
    • Review your details and make any necessary changes.
    • Once confirmed, submit the changes.

    2. SASSA Office Visit

      If you prefer one-on-one assistance, you can visit your nearest SASSA office. The process is:

      • Collect all the required documents and visit your nearest SASSA office during operating hours.
      • A representative will help you in updating your application details.
      • Then, submit all the necessary up-to-date information to the SASSA representative.

      3. SASSA Contact Center

        If visiting a SASSA office isn’t feasible, you can also update your details by contacting the SASSA contact center. Here’s how:

        • Call the SASSA contact center at 0800 60 10 11 during their operating hours (usually weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM).
        • Explain to the SASSA representative that you need to update your contact details for SRD.
        • Provide your ID number, application ID (if applicable), and the specific details you want to update.
        • The representative will process your changes over the phone and ask you to confirm the changes via SMS.

        Expected Timelines for Processing

        Processing times may vary depending on the type of update and the method used. Generally, it takes a few days to a few weeks to reflect changes. It’s advisable to follow up with SASSA if you experience any delays.


        Keeping your contact details updated with SASSA is essential for the smooth receipt of your social grants. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that your information is current, helping you avoid delays and potential issues with your benefits. Act promptly to keep your details up to date and secure your benefits seamlessly.

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