How to Apply for SASSA Internship Program 2024 Online

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is responsible for providing social security services to the people of South Africa. They offer a valuable opportunity for unemployed graduates looking to gain experience and contribute to their communities through the Head Office SASSA Internship Program. Today, we’ll look into these opportunities offered by SASSA to unemployed graduates in South Africa and explain them in detail.

SASSA Internship Program

Understanding the SASSA Internship Program

The SASSA Head Office Internship Programme aims to equip unemployed graduates with practical work experience in a social security environment. This 12-month (or 24-month based on some sources) internship provides a platform to develop skills, gain valuable knowledge, and contribute sensibly to SASSA’s operations. 

A monthly stipend will be provided to you as an intern, making it a financially supportive way to start your career. Additionally, successful interns may have the opportunity to develop their skills further and explore potential career paths within SASSA.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the SASSA Head Office Internship Programme, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be a South African citizen.
  • Fall within the age range typically specified as 18-35 years old.
  • Possess a relevant educational qualification, such as a National Diploma, B-Tech Degree, or Degree in fields like Human Resources Management, Public Management, or Administration.
SASSA Internship Program

Applying for the Internship

Interested graduates can find detailed information about the application process on the SASSA website or through specific internship adverts published by the agency. These adverts will outline the specific steps and deadlines for applying. 

The process for applying is as follows:

Finding Application Details

Regularly check the SASSA website for internship adverts. These adverts will provide specific details on application procedures, types of internships offered within the program (e.g., HR, IT, Management, Communication), and deadlines. So, be sure to submit yours before the deadline (April 18, 2024).

Preparing Your Application

Once you find a relevant internship advert, gather the required application documents. This typically includes a completed Z83 form (available from SASSA offices), your South African ID document or Smart Card, a comprehensive CV highlighting your skills and experience, and certified copies of your qualifications (Senior Certificate and post-matric qualifications).

Submitting Your Application

Ensure you follow the submission method outlined in the internship advert. This might involve sending your application electronically via email or submitting it physically to a specific address. Make sure you send your application to the relevant inbox or email address for each post if you’re applying via email. SASSA will not review the application if it is delivered to the incorrect mailbox or email.

Click here to see more detailed information.

Selection Process

After the deadline has passed, all applications will be carefully evaluated under the internship’s advertised requirements and eligibility criteria. Then, the shortlisted candidates will be called for additional evaluation, such as interviews or reference checks.

Support and Mentorship

Mentors and supervisors are there to help and support the interns in the program. These professionals provide invaluable insights, valuable feedback, and mentorship, ensuring that interns are ready to face the challenges and get the opportunities presented during their internship journey.

Additional Considerations

Here are some additional considerations regarding the SASSA Head Office Internship Programme:

  • Available Internship Fields: Internship opportunities are likely offered across various departments within the SASSA Head Office, such as Human Resources, Finance, and Communications. Specific fields may be highlighted in the internship advertisement.
  • Internship Stipend: The exact amount of the monthly stipend may vary, but it is typically around R7000 (subject to confirmation during the application process).
  • Pre-employment Screening: All successful candidates will undergo compulsory pre-employment screening, including qualification verification, reference checks, ITC checks, and potentially criminal background checks.
  • Promoting Diversity: SASSA is committed to promoting diversity in the workplace. To apply, all that is required is to be a graduate of any discipline.


The SASSA Head Office Internship Programme offers an excellent opportunity for unemployed South African graduates seeking to start their careers in the social security sector. If you meet the eligibility criteria and are passionate about making a positive impact on your community, we encourage you to consider applying.

Keep checking the SASSA website for internship adverts and application details. So, don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable experience and contribute to a social service organization.

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