President Cyril Ramaphosa Increases SASSA SRD R350 Grants

President Cyril Ramaphosa made grand announcements to increase the SASSA SRD R350 Grants during his historic State of the Nation Address (SONA) at Cape Town on Thursday, February 8, 2024. For the millions of South Africans who rely on SASSA’s payment service for their livelihoods, this news serves as a light of hope.

On 8 January 2024, statistics showed that 18 million people were receiving old-age, child, disability, or other grants while other nine million people were receiving the R350 grant, which was started in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We developed the special SRD grant during the pandemic, and now it covers almost nine million jobless individuals monthly. As a further step towards providing economic support for the jobless, we will expand and strengthen this grant since we have seen its positive effects,” he added.

Ramaphosa also called it an “investment” and emphasized how important the social grant was. Ramaphosa further stated:

“The government will be increasing its investment in the R350 SRD grant, meaning that it wouldn’t just be extended but also improved.”

SASSA SRD R350 Grants

SRD R350 Grant

Its monetary amount makes it known as the R350 grant. At least one million individuals get the SRD grant payment each month. This grant is unique in that it is specifically organized to help individuals in South Africa who are unemployed.

In 2020, the R350 SRD grant was launched to provide financial support to those who are unemployed and facing significant work barriers due to lockdowns. The original plan for the grants was to assist for three months, but they have been extended many times.

On 2 November 2023, Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana extended the R350 grant, which was originally scheduled to expire in March of 2024. In the most recent announcement, the beneficiaries can now collect their R350 award until March 2025.

SASSA SRD R350 Grants

Payment Dates for SRD R350 Grant

People ask when will be the next SASSA grant payment. Here we’ll clarify each month’s date when the SASSA payment will be distributed. The payment dates when they will be credited should be known. All SASSA grants, including R350, children’s, disability, and older persons, will be paid out according to the dates mentioned in the table below throughout the year 2024.

MonthOlder PersonsDisability GrantsChildren’s GrantsSRD R350 Grants
January – 202403 January 202404 January 202405 January 202425-31 January 2024
February02 February 202405 February 202406 February 202423-29 February 2024
March05 March 202406 March 202407 March 202425-29 March 2024

Government’s Vision for Progress

The budget document states that compared to the 2023–24 fiscal year, the government would spend R200 million less on the awards in the 2024–25 fiscal year. But in the 2024–25 fiscal year, the budget predicts a 219,000 rise in grant recipients.

However, the continuous determination of President Cyril Ramaphosa to increase and improve the SASSA SRD R350 grant reflects his goal of creating a more equitable and prosperous South Africa. As the country faces difficulties, these programs provide hope by encouraging determination and development for everyone.

SASSA Grant Application

Head over to the official SASSA website at to apply for the SRD R350 award or any other grant offered by SASSA. Various other SASSA grants are also available, such as Older Person’s Grants, Children’s Support Grants, and Disability Grants.

SASSA Status Check Online

It is advised to check the status of your SASSA R350 grant each month. Because the payment status updates each month based on whether or not the grant recipient has received any funds into their bank account for the given month, and if so, for what much.

According to SASSA rules, you are allowed to receive your grant payment in your bank account every month before being placed in the SASSA reconsideration status, which will result in the suspension of your SASSA grant for that particular month.
Following are the resources to check your SASSA status:

  • Check by a Message
  • Check by WhatsApp
  • Check by Moya App
  • Visit the Nearest Local Office


President Ramaphosa’s statement gives South Africans hope in a time of uncertainty as they continue to wait for more information. On the other hand, further government statements and budget allocations will determine the real impact of the increased and extended R350 grant. Only time will tell if this effort will shed light on existing issues or provide significant assistance.

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